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KYC Identity

KYC Secure Identity

KYC Secure is an innovative product, combining electronic identity verification information - accessed from public records, national and international credit bureaux, fraud prevention and anti-money laundering databases - with voice biometric technology, to create a new dimension in real-time authentication of your customers' identities.

Our service facilitates a range of business applications from validating applications to making purchases, all by means of one phone call to your customer's mobile phone; there is no need for PINs, passwords or other security checks - your customer's voice signature is the authorisation.

KYC comes from the global shorthand for Know Your Customer - a regulatory requirement for many organisations under international law governing money laundering and terrorist financing, but also increasingly used by online and high street retailers, MTOs, payment service providers and utilities companies to prevent theft and identity fraud.

Businesses need to know who they are interacting with, which is why, KYC Secure provide a robust solution on a single platform, with an audit trail showing when the information was validated to assist the Know Your Customer process.

Applications for the service

The KYC Secure voice biometric identity verification service can be including to a wide range of business applications including: online applications, login authentication and call centres.

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How it works

Details how the KYC Secure identity verification service process requests to verify the identity of an applicant

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Business benefits

We've made security and reliability our top priorities to ensure our customers and their applicant's information are protected.

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